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Daphyne Lyle

Daphyne Lyle, Your Independent Jeunesse Distributor

Hi everyone!! My name is Daphyne and I am excited to share these amazing products with you! I would like to tell you a little bit about me. I am a dedicated therapist, providing physical therapy services to special needs children. My partner and I currently reside in Dallas, TX with our 5 furry babies. Health and fitness are an important part of my life. Both are good for the soul, however when there is an opportunity to enhance ones outer appearance, everyone is ready to jump on board. I introduce to you Jeunesse. Allow me the opportunity to take visible years away and reveal a fresh, flawless look.

Jeunesse’s brand new product Instantly Ageless™ has hit the market and is in high demand. The Jeunesse product line includes topical applications and oral supplements which have been tested and proven to promote health and to reveal a younger self.  Reviews and testimonials continued to roll in, and Instantly Ageless™ is currently the most popular product on the market to eliminate fine lines, dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, resulting in improved self confidence and overall well being. As a dedicated Jeunesse Distributor, I am ready to provide you with a product line that I believe will change your life and Instantly Ageless™ will improve your confidence through its use.

Daphyne Lyle

Distributor, Jeunesse